Gypsum mining industry in Thailand
Gypsum mining industry in Thailand Gypsum mining industry in Thailand
Gypsum mining industry in Thailand

Logistically integrated mining-transport-export facilities

Position of port in ThailandWe are one of only two, or three gypsum exporters who have fully integrated facilities. We have three of our own mines operating simultaneously. One mine operating in Surat-Thani province. This is close to semi-public shipping facility on the Gulf of Thailand. The other two mines are in Nakon Si Thammarat province, closer to our own shipping facility, facing the Andaman Sea. Geographically, this gives us the flexibility, to serve our clients from both sides of the oceans. It also translates to, cost savings for our clients. From our mines, we have reliable contractors to transport the minerals to the ports. These responsible contractors have worked with us for more than ten years.

Our sister company, Chean Vanich Transport Co., has one of the most ideal ports in Thailand, located in Krabi province. Small islands surround the port, thus, naturally sheltering it from strong winds all year round. The port is also blessed with naturally deep water. It has water draft of 13 Meters, air draft of 12.5 - 13 Meters. 

As such, berthing vessels of dwt. of up to 50,000 Metric Tons is not a problem. The guaranteed loading rate, for Gypsum ore, at the said port is 6,000 Mt. Per day (for vessel of dwt. 30,000 up).

In the past year, CV transport Co. has upgraded her facilities. The port is now also able to handle the exportation of Clinkers, Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO).

Vanich Gypsum port1Having many mines operating simultaneously means, we can tailor-made our product sizes, to the specifications of our customers, at the same time. Also, our own sheltered deep-sea port can almost guarantee our customers, a year round supply, without major disruption from climatic problems.

We believe the afore-mentioned qualities are unique to us and they help enhance our customers' satisfaction and confidence in our services and supplies.


Large export Quota

Vanich Gypsum port2In 1996, The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), of the Industrial Ministry, was concern with the rate of depletion of many minerals in Thailand. This is mainly due to extensive mining. In order to slow down such rate for Gypsum, DMR, on 1st July 1996 issued export quota for existing mines. The quota quantity given to each mine, is based on its past production-export records. Traders/brokers without mine will not be allotted quotas. New mines will also have limited quota.

Vanich Gypsum, being a long time producer and exporter, is much less affected by this limitation. We believe we have large enough quota, to satisfy the needs of the very big, to the more moderate sized customers alike.

Experienced executives

Gypsum IndustryVanich Gypsum has been in the business since the dawn of Gypsum mining industry in Thailand. We have been through and survived the ups and downs of this commodity business cycle. Most of our senior executives have been in the minerals and/or Gypsum mining industry for at least a decade. We know very well that to thrive in this industry, we must produce high quality products. We must be cost-affective. We must be price-competitive. Most importantly, we must have our customers' trust and satisfaction.


We will make certain that these standards will be achieved and surpassed, year after year, as long as we remain in this industry. And we are in for, and committed to long term


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